Nice to meet you!

Hey there, we are Rossanna and Nico, two travelers passionate about filmmaking and photography. 

We met each other in Chile and started making videos while traveling there.

Since then, we have worked with hotels, tourism boards, travel agencies, municipalities and restaurants in many countries and plan on continuing our journey across the world doing what we love. 

We believe that there is always a story to be told that’s why we focus on bringing your story to life with our videos. As our slogan says, we create, you inspire!

Our main goals is to produce high quality advertisement films so that you can show the very essence of your business and get the right message to your audience . In a world that is constantly evolving, we create the right content for your social media platforms and website. 

From Pre-production, production, to post, we know what it takes from start to finish and got you covered!


Meet Nico


Nico is an adventurer at heart. Climber and mountaineer, he is known for being very dedicated to any kind of situation or project  and always ready to get the tasks and challenges ahead done with the best attitude. He loves discovering new cultures and traditions of the places he visits and also loves sharing with locals and live his life to the fullest.

Born and raised in the Chilean Patagonia, he has spent the last 10 years of his life traveling the world.

Meet Rossanna!

Rossanna is an adventurer who has been living on the road for many years. Born and raised in Paris, her thirst for discovery made her pack her bag and leave on a never ending adventure at the age of 20. Passionate about the world, she loves immersing herself in new cultures and getting to know the places she visits. Her passion for photography and videography was born during this journey and never left her ever since.



We care about the environment

Traveling opens your heart and your mind in a very special way. Throughout all those years we’ve been on the road, we’ve seen what climate change has done to our planet – species extinction, coral bleeching, plastic contamination –  that’s why we want to help raise awarness and ecourage people to travel more mindfully. We’ve collaborated with wildlife refuges, associations in charge of reforestation, eco-lodges and believe that there is still hope to do something positive for the world.